How Plastics Ingestion is Killing the Marine Life in the Philippines

In this first interview series, "Zero in on Plastics", we talked with two marine biologists from Davao City, the Philippines, who share their findings on the impact of plastic on large oceanic creatures. It is a topic that has been brewing among marine plastic activists but lacks research in ASEAN +3 countries.


by Devina Anglingdarma • 09 August 2021

The Role of Policies in Supporting the Private Sector in Combatting Marine Plastic Debris

Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) and ASEAN Secretariat co-hosted a public forum to discuss how policies can support the private sector in combatting marine plastic debris, which marked the fourth event of “ASEAN on Point” webinar series. 


by Ellen Putri Edita, Hendro Putra Johannes, Ayako Mizuno • 21 June 2021

RKC-MPD ERIA Recognized as Key Regional Initiative in ASEAN Regional Action Plan for Combatting Marine Debris

The ASEAN Secretariat has officially launched ASEAN Regional Action Plan for Combating Marine Debris in the ASEAN Member States (2021-2025) in a virtual event called “Launch of ASEAN Regional Action Plan on Combating Marine Debris in ASEAN Region”.


by Ellen Putri Edita • 03 June 2021