ERIA Becomes Observer Organization of Japans CLOMA to Address Marine Plastic Pollutions in ASEAN+3 countries

The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) became an ‘observer organization’ of the Japan Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA) in a collaboration to address the issue of marine plastic pollution in ASEAN+3 countries.   

by RKC-MPD • 2 November 2021

ASEAN on Point Public Forum: How Policies can Support the Private Sector in Combatting Marine Plastic Debris

Given the multitude of roles plastic plays in our society, responses to marine plastic pollution will need to involve a wide array of stakeholders, from governmental and non-governmental organizations, research institutions, international actors, the business sector, to the general public.  

by ERIA • 28 October 2021

President of ERIA Participates in the 17th ASEAN Plus Three Environment Ministers Meeting

Speaking during the ‘Highlights of the Progress of Activities under ASEAN Plus Three’ session, Professor Nishimura reported on marine plastic debris actions taken by the RKC-MPD.  

by Ayako Mizuno • 25 October 2021