Towards International Agreement on Marine Plastic Pollution: The Role of G20

The policy brief investigated the gaps in the existing international treaties on marine plastic pollution and proposes components that need to be considered in a new treaty. This work complements the Group of Twenty (G20) work on marine plastic pollution.  Furthermore, since the G20 Summit was held in Indonesia in 2022, the focus of this policy brief was relevant not only to G20 countries but also to the Southeast Asia region, which is the biggest contributor of marine plastics. Apart from that, Southeast Asia is a 'victim’ of waste colonialism as it struggles to manage wastes received from other countries, including G20 countries. The final T20 policy brief proposal was approved and published by the T20 secretariat.

Project Duration

Sep 2022 - Sep 2022

Ecologic Institute (Germany)
Universitas Indonesia
Source of Funding